Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello!!!! Happy friday!

I have posted a few new items in Etsy that im excited to share!

Hope you all enjoy! I was very happy with the post process of this pic.Im now inspired by myself and have to go get some more pictures later! Not sure where to go....


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I had to share this!


Amazing photographer

I stumbled upon on this great site early today.(yes I use stumbleupon)And i just wated to share it.This guy is an amazing photographer.His Photographs are really intense.It feels like your up close and personal with the animals. Click Here

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art room

Ive seen alot of blog post lately on art rooms and art walls.So I figured hey I love art, I'll do one of my own.Here are some great pics on that would be great in an art room or on an art wall.

Here is a lovely photograph by PocoLocoCreativo.Its titled Sonata.I love the Silver shimmer of the water.And of course im a sucker for the vintage look!This would be a great peice for an art wall.And its small so it would fit nicely.

Here is a great one by zuppaartista

This is a beautiful Photograph.I love trees so this one gets me.

I want this camera.

A Multiple Exposure function enables you to be creative in the landscape or portrait formats, or even a combination of the two. Multiple images can be captured and combined. The creative possibilities are endless. What will you create? Now you won't have to wonder. With the E-P1, you'll simply go out there and create.
(This would save me so much time)!Right in the camera.

I would love to have this little camera.

The LOVE series

Ive never done a series of anything.Usually when I photograph something its for the individual photo and what my vision of the final photograph will look like.

Then one day I had a strange idea.I wanted to hand some little red hearts in my tree in the field.It is such a peacefull little tree.It reminds me of a fairytale.So I cut out six hearts,painted them red and hung them in the tree.I photographed them there hanging in the tree blowing in the wind.And for some reason I wanted to photograph more hearts.Every heart I could find actually.So I decided to start the LOVE series.It will be of every heart I can make or find to photograph.

New post this morning!

Dream.That's what I thought anyway when I finished this Photo collage.Its a collage of two of my photos.

Also here is my new treasury.My sister recently visited Paris ,so this is for her.Unfortunately she didn't get to visit any French cafes!

Cafe de Paris

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cafe de Paris

New listing!

Cafe de Paris.

Front page!

Im very excited to have made the Front page of Etsy!Here is the Photo that made it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Broken heart at sunset

New listing up. Its titled broken heart at sunset.I didn't notice until after i took it that it was heart shaped and very broken on one side!But anyway here it is in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black beauty

I was on a photo walk by a river just a few days ago.This black horse (huge horse) comes walking up the little road to me.He was very friendly.There was a farm just down the road so i imagined he escaped from there.Anyway,i got a really good shot of him before he ran back home.



A really great site for Photographers.Just wanted to share it!

Reach for the sky

I posted a new photograph this morning I wanted to share.

Its one of my new favorites.

My link isnt working.Sorry about that.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Since im in the posting mood.

I had and Etsy shop back in 2007.I was surprised at how fast I got sales.So I did some custom things like greeting cards along with selling photographs.Then I started doing things like custom calenders and started customizing greeting cards.Well....
I started getting about 10 custom orders a day.It got very overwhelming and time consuming.I was happy about all the sales...but my daughter was only 2 and I barely had time to spend with her.

Finally after a year of this.I posted on my shop I was taking a hiatus.And i did. Until this month when I decided to start new!

My daughter is 5 and I am ready to take on the challenge.Im finding it alot harder to start out again though......
I also wanted to post this photo.

Its another infrared shot that I mostly took just because I liked the log....But I think it turned out nice.It has a very creepy look to it.Im thinking of posting it for sale in my Etsy shop.Ill have to look at for a while though.

Vintage Photoshop effect

Just wanted to share this.I love using this Photoshop effect on my photos.

Duplicate the layer and change the layer mode to screen.Set this to 50% opacity.

Add a new layer.Solid color.Pick a lightish blue.You can play around with what blue looks good.Change layer mode to exclusion.Set to 50% opacity.

Duplicate the screened layer and move to the top of your layer pallette.Change layer mode to soft light.

Add a solid color layer of a deep yellow-gold.Set to 50% opacity and change the layer mode to soft light!

You can play around with all the Opacity settings to fit your Photo.


This is my first post! Im a little nervous. I don't like talking to myself. I hope i get used to this.


This is my latest photo to Flickr.Infrared.