Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Since im in the posting mood.

I had and Etsy shop back in 2007.I was surprised at how fast I got sales.So I did some custom things like greeting cards along with selling photographs.Then I started doing things like custom calenders and started customizing greeting cards.Well....
I started getting about 10 custom orders a day.It got very overwhelming and time consuming.I was happy about all the sales...but my daughter was only 2 and I barely had time to spend with her.

Finally after a year of this.I posted on my shop I was taking a hiatus.And i did. Until this month when I decided to start new!

My daughter is 5 and I am ready to take on the challenge.Im finding it alot harder to start out again though......


  1. You did very well.Akthough I do not have near that in sales can see how difficult that would be.welcome back..Suzanne