Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The LOVE series

Ive never done a series of anything.Usually when I photograph something its for the individual photo and what my vision of the final photograph will look like.

Then one day I had a strange idea.I wanted to hand some little red hearts in my tree in the field.It is such a peacefull little tree.It reminds me of a fairytale.So I cut out six hearts,painted them red and hung them in the tree.I photographed them there hanging in the tree blowing in the wind.And for some reason I wanted to photograph more hearts.Every heart I could find actually.So I decided to start the LOVE series.It will be of every heart I can make or find to photograph.


  1. I love hearts, which you can find out from my arts because i love to add in heart/love in my illustration. This photo is definitely beautiful and adorable. and i noticed your 'another heart' photo in your Etsy mini (4th picture), i like that lots. Look forward your new works.


  2. Thank you lavennz!I also looked at your blog and love your work!